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Guide to Buying a Fishing Kayak

Considerations When Buying A Fishing or Recreational  Kayak

Kayak Fishing and Buying Tips

Kayak Fishing  and Buying Tips

Helping our Veterans

The ultimate in kayak fishing, brotherhood, camaraderie  and breaking bread with our veteran friends!!!

Considerations When Buying A Fishing or Recreational Kayak

Choosing the perfect kayak for you shouldn't be complicated but rather fun, exciting. To choose the proper kayak, you must first make an honest evaluation of your intended needs and uses. To do so, ask yourself some of these basic questions:

          1. What types of kayaking activities are you participating in most of the time?
          2. Will you be paddling alone or with family or friends?
          3. Will you be taking day, weekend, or extended trips?
          4.Will you be paddling calm lakes...

Paddle Strokes, How and Why to do them correctly

Paddling; it seems pretty easy, why most get it wrong.


How to Paddle a Kayak: Basic Strokes

The beauty of flat-water kayaking is the freedom to explore anywhere on a body of water. The key to proper adventuring then, is the ability to control your craft. By learning a few strokes—the ones presented here—you can paddle efficiently and end up exactly where you intend to go. We’ll cover the basics of how to paddle your kayak:

  • How to grip your paddle for an efficient stroke
  • The forward stroke for—you guessed it—going forward
  • The reverse stroke for slowing down and...