Back to School Sale –

Back to School Sale

As Summer begins to come to an end, Eddy-Gear is ramping up inventory for our most popular fishing and recreation kayak - The Stingray XL. There is a massive shipment due 8/11/16, and before it arrives we are emptying the warehouse of all currently in stock Stingray XL's. What does this mean for you? Well, we already dropped the price from $849 to $759 in preparation for this new shipment. Starting today we are also offering a coupon code to take an additional $70 off! This brings the total cost of the kayak to $689.99, and yes - that's shipped free!

At checkout, use Coupon Code: back to school special  

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We only have 20 of these coupon codes activated, when they are gone - the sale is over! You can backorder your favorite color if it sells out and still use the coupon code. Those items placed on back order are due to our warehouse on 8/11/16.

This sale is separate from our Friends and Family Sale, those coupon codes already went out. The coupon codes from both sales cannot be combined. I would sign up for our newsletter below to make sure you do not miss out on our next Eddy-Gear special!

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