About Us

Welcome To Eddy-Gear

EDDY-GEAR offers recreational and fishing kayaks for sale in Kennesaw, Georgia. We take pride in offering high quality equipment that meets the needs of our customers and friends. Learn more about us by reading our company’s brief history below.


Humble Beginnings

Our company is owned and created by a group of friends from Atlanta. They are avid outdoors men and fishermen that have been fishing, exploring, and diving the South Florida Keys, Gulf coastal waters, Mediterranean and North Georgia Rivers since the early 90s. They decided that they wanted kayaks that match their personal preferences, so they came up with their own and their friends liked it. With the combination of being lightweight and with unmatched stability, these kayaks are built for the purpose of catching more fish, and Diving fragile waters- without worrying about the stability.


Our Philosophy

We only get one chance to live, so we believe in living our lives to the fullest. Be spontaneous, laugh loud, party hard, love harder, and be happy. You should do everything that you have ever dreamed of doing. Life should not be about our journey to the grave, nor is it about the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather a journey to skid in sideways in a cloud of smoke and get a body that is thoroughly worn-out while screaming, “Woohooo! What a ride!”

We Support

Giving Back to the Community

EDDY-GEAR is support, by, regional, and national team members who are one with us in promoting the EDDY lifestyle. To give back, we provide trade-in and buyback programs that aim to support Disabled American Veterans™, local youth programs, and at-risk youth programs within our community.

Operation One Voice | Disabled American Veterans